Finance Offering

Finance Offering

AlmaStone provides financing solutions at each stage of the supply chain.

Our direct lending business is focused on secured, short to medium duration trade finance facilities.

Facilities are typically secured by a combination of:

  • – security over assets;
  • – security over inventory;
  • – assignment of offtake contracts; and
  • – a collection account controlled by us.

Our multi-discipline team background and our deep understanding of the agricultural commodity markets differentiates our approach. Moreover, our risk evaluation is a balanced approach between creditworthiness and the collateral and security structure; therefore, AlmaStone can support clients even during market downturns.

Our financing solutions are flexible – we take a solutions-based approach when structuring for your business needs.

We address our client’s requirements in a traditional way – we listen and remain sensitive to your timing requirements.

Meet Pedro

Pedro is part of a major coffee cooperative

in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil

US$10 million inventory finance facility. New warehouse with processes and systems in place to deliver sustainable, traceable coffee.

  • 1. Providing working capital to the borrower to finance coffee purchases, storage and shipment to final end-buyers
  • 2. Using coffee inventories and receivables as collateral
  • 3. Risk evaluation skewed towards the robustness of the collateral and security structure; thus, we could provide a liquidity solution to a counterparty with limited creditworthiness
  • 1. Fiduciary lien over CDA/WA of coffee (i.e., certificates of deposit / warrants)
  • 2. Assignment over export offtake contracts
  • 3. Account charge over collection account
  • 4. Promissory note

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